Peter Formuzis



Economist and Principal in Formuzis, Pickersgill & Hunt, Inc.

Professor of Economics Emeritus, California State University, Fullerton


B.A., Economics: Washington State University, 1963

Ph.D., Economics: Michigan State University, 1969


A Deposit Run Model of Member Bank Borrowing


Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, and Law and Economics


Economic Consultant, Formuzis, Pickersgill & Hunt, Inc., 1982 - present

Associate Professor and Professor of Economics, California State University, Fullerton,

Director of Graduate Program in Economics, California State University, Fullerton, 1976-1979

Associate Professor and Chairman, Department of Economics, University of Montana,

Visiting Professor of Economics, University of Wyoming, 1974-1975

Executive Committee, Western Economic Association. Elected Member, 1973-1976

Visiting Professor of Economics and Research Economist, Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System, Washington, D.C., 1969-1970

Economic Advisor, Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 1972-1976

Visiting Summer Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 1968

Montana State Board of Equalization
Montana Highway Commission
Montana Bancorporation
Los Angeles County Wide Planning Commission
El Camino Bank
Law firms since 1973


American Economic Association

Western Economic Association

National Association of Forensic Economists; Vice President


"Demand for Money in Canada," Canadian Journal of Economics,1968

"State Income Taxes and Sales Taxes," Montana Business Quarterly, 1968

"The Solution of Qualitative Comparative Static Problems," Quarterly Journal of Economics,
November 1970

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"Inflation, Progressivity and State Income Tax Revenues and Expenditures," Policy Studies
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"The Present Value of Economic Loss: A Readers Guide to Jones & Laughlin v. Pfeifer,"
(Joyce Pickersgill, co-author), Trial, February 1985.

"Converting Present Value Awards Into Periodic Payments", (Joyce Pickersgill, co-author),
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